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On the road: The Jack Kerouac conference, Sam Charters lecture, Jack and jazz, July, 1982.

Published July 26, 1982

Sam Charters lecture on Jack Kerouac and jazz at the Jack Kerouac conference, sponsored by the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado. The lecture includes discussions on jazz of the Beat generation, be-bop, Thelonius Monk, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, and a recording of Kerouac and Steve Allen reading "Mexico City blues."

Run time 1:23:44
Label / Recorded by Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics


Reviewer: boxen - - April 24, 2008
Subject: Just a great lecture
The musical selections here are excellent, and Charters' readings of selections from Kerouac and Holmes are fun.
Reviewer: goobermensch - - November 10, 2005
Subject: Whole Lotta Bopping Goin' On
Sam Charters mixes great jazz insights with selected readings of Kerouac & John Clennon Holmes (creating a literary CUTTING contest between their respective Bop prose descriptions of Bop club sessions) with rare recordings of bop jam sessions (one featuring Diz) & Jack himself reading his tribute to Bird.
He marks the start of Bop with Kenny Clarke's use of the ride cymbal for the Beat. And tells why he thinks Bop was as revolutionary as anything since the start of New Orleans jazz and how at the time Jack was one of the few that 'Got It' & made use of it in his writing.
Sam pulls together many diverse elements & frames them in a historical context that comes alive.
Reviewer: Blank - - May 13, 2005
Subject: GO
This talk has lots of great recordings of performances from the early days of bop as well as readings from Jack about Jazz. Sam Charters is eloquent and offers good insights which help you hear the recordings better. Ends with talks on Monk, Dizzy and Bird. Sam presents an interesting history of Jazz and goes into the cultural and economic forces that shaped bop.

A very inspiring and teary look at the cradle of the whole shebang. RIP ti jean...
Reviewer: frasermanx - - February 4, 2005
Subject: Super!!
Can't be beat!! Beats and bebop